Corporate Team Building

Challenge Your Team with Corporate VR Experiences

  • If you’re looking for a team building or team bonding challenge for your colleagues, you’ll want to come and discover a VR experience. The immersive world of VR offers a range of safe, but life-like experiences that can challenge individuals and teams to stretch outside their comfort zone.
  • You will work together to solve complex problems, while also providing great entertainment and a fun new experience.
  • We can provide a range of business challenges, with different options to choose from.
  • With individual screens for each booth, even those who aren’t immersed in the VR experience can be part of the experience.
  • Best of all, with our central Auckland location, you’ll spend more of your time developing your team and less of it sitting is Auckland’s traffic.

Corporate events we have hosted

Team Building Experience (Full Venue)

Team Building Experience (Full Venue)

Come and see our range of Corporate Team Building experiences for yourself, and discover a new way to challenge, inspire and motivate your team. Our standard Team Building Experience
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customers testimonials

Origin VR's set up was amazing, I was a little skeptical about VR gaming, but it far exceeded my expectations. Awesome experience, would recommend for all.

By Brady Walsh

Really good experience. Definitely worth checking out.

By Patrik Trupković

Absolutely amazing, it’s a must go to

By Josh Hon